Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OS Reinstall

 To put the long story short, I got punked. Just when I thought everything's going smooth, out of nowhere, all my applications stopeed working. Firefox? Gone. Wtf... Eclipse? Gone. Google Chrome? Gone. Even the Visual Studio I used for my last semester is now history. I haven't touched that in over two months! If there is a 911 for a situation like this, I'll be sure to report the effing culprit. But, there's no such service for a free-loading, typical PC user like me. At least I can't afford it anyway.

So, after finished scratching my head from this totally unwholesome experience, I decided that it is the best to flush out the remaining shambles of little-to-no-use-at-all software plus the amazing Windows 7 pro, and reinstall the whole thing plus the applications all over again. Not to mention, there is a fully working Linux on the same hard disk, that I now need to format entirely. Meaning, it's a double blow. Oh well, here goes the story of a gullible computer user. Security-aware? Yes. But, dilligent enough to keep that security up for protection? I'm just not sure whether to think of myself as just being naive or gullible.

Anyways, it took a whole of two hours to reformat, and install Windows 7. Also pretty much finished setting up for re-installing new version of Fedora Core. Not a bad effort I must say though, thanks to the high-speed internet connection we get here at student village.

Now, I can't really name the real culprit here. But it's a software package that has something to do with keyboard driver for writing Burmese font. To write some Burmese texts on this blog, I decided to use a few different keyboard drivers just to test them. Turned out, I can use all of them for writing, but when the text is posted on the blog, they all turned to rubbish, and I decided not to use those drivers at all again.

Well, the damn thing decided not to leave peacefully and decided to leave some empty space on my hard disk. It cleared out roughly about 25G of application files in total. And here I am writing about all of it feeling like a cat just slipped into a toilet and just climbed up from the whole mess.

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