Monday, September 20, 2010

Kindred Spirit

Day after day, we keep faith and pray
A strong belief that justice will prevail
Some of us got killed and some were jailed
Still we think of them each day
Kindred spirits all the way

In life, fear seems real
Such mind is still uncivil

O Dear God
Utopians or dystopians you brought upon us
Regardless who they are, we'll rid of their ruthlessness

Eager to see out the fight
Learders have persevered till their demise
Elders and youths, together in for ultimate prize
Continue to fight for our rights
Till the truth comes to light
Equality and justice is our plight
Do it or die, the belief is not contrived

Liberty and justice for all
Everyone shall respect the law
Activists have exemplified for us all
Dear God, let no more martyr fall
Everyone involved is standing tall
Raring to find peace for all

© Ye Myint Cho 2010